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  • Experience everything from bustling cities buzzing with activity to tranquil rural countryside untouched by modernity.

    Travel with us to try each unique taste.

  • The aromatic curries, masala-packed fries, biryani and parathas, they work miraculously to lure you into their spell.

    This unforgettable journey into the cultural and gastronomic heart of India will satisfy every appetite.

The Most Popular Offer Tours

The Most Popular Offer: Kerala Tour

This is an amazing culinary tour in Kerala, India covering all the tourist destinations in Kerala along with cooking sessions by a chef. The tour is guided by a professional chef, who shares with you a variety of Indian cuisines with practical sessions. You will be accommodated in various resorts across different tourist spots in Kerala. It’s a once in a lifetime experience!


- Hands-on cooking sessions;

- Yoga sessions and Ayurveda treatments;

- Guided local tours, local market visits, and historical visits;

- Culinary sessions on Indian cuisines by a chef in resorts;

- Transport to and from airport and sightseeing spots;

- Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner;

- 29 nights' accommodation.

Popular Offer: Sightseeing And Cooking Tour

This tour amalgamates the fun with learning. On one hand, you will enjoy the ravishing beauty of the world-famous monument "The Taj Mahal" and visit the UNESCO world heritage sites in Agra and hear the history from tour guide behind its creation, and on the other you will learn the fine art of Indian cooking with professional cookery instructor with well-appointed professional kitchen for the job. Later, eat the same food you have cooked together with the instructor.


- Indian cuisine cooking classes;

- Learn about amazing Indian spices;

- Taj Mahal tour with private car from Delhi;

- A never-forgotten experience of the white marble “Taj Mahal’’;

- Private guide and airport transfer;

- 2 nights' accommodation and meals.

Popular Offer: Jaipur Street Food Tour

Welcome to the center of Jaipur to experience street food crawl and Indian cooking classes as well as an old city heritage walk, forts, and palaces tour, and spice market tour. Food tours are the best way to make a longer-lasting impression on local food. Here, you will make a powerful impression with local cuisine as well as learn the history, culture, and true essence of the city by talking with the locals, eating at the local eateries, and living like a local.


- Street food crawl;

- Indian cooking classes;

- Jaipur old city heritage walk;

- Jaipur forts and palaces tours;

- Spice Market and walking tours;

- Tour guide and transportation;

- Full board daily meals and 2 nights’ lodging.


Sharna Meizon

a cooking enthusiast and a co-founder of MeizzFood tours.

During your cooking tour in India, you might visit with artisanal craftsmen, or harvest food with a local farmer, or sit down to dinner after preparing it with your new friends.

Our Indian cooking vacations include accommodations, hands-on cooking classes with local chefs to explore the regional cuisine, cultural excursions with knowledgable guides, and of course simply amazing food.

From the forts and temples to the spice markets and villages, India is a land that will win you over!


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